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Microsoft Great Plains Frx Reporting...

Microsoft FRx provides deep insight into all aspects of your business by helping you gain control of your financial reporting and analysis process.

Many midsize businesses face the challenges of keeping pace with changing needs, while still using legacy systems that require redundant entry and manual tasks. Rapid growth and evolving markets, often coupled with antiquated systems, makes it difficult to meet monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reporting deadlines. The struggle to close the books faster can result in inaccurate entries and lack of time to spend analysing financial data. Ever-changing report requirements, dependence upon your over-burdened Microsoft Office Excel specialist or information technology (IT) department, and the extra stress that is associated with accommodating all of those last-minute requests for new, customised financial reports can impact your ability to deliver the best and most accurate information on time.

Give your people insight into your business

Microsoft FRx can help make financial reporting and analysis easy, fast, and accurate. This helps your people drive marked improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, provide timely and accurate information, and accelerate decision-making with financial reporting.

Screen illustration:

A simple use interface based on a unique building-block approach helps individuals quickly create reports from existing or new report components consisting of row formats, column layouts or reporting trees.

Microsoft FRx was developed to fulfil the market need for easy, intuitive, and accurate financial reporting. By using information already set up in your general ledger, Microsoft FRx automatically taps data about fiscal periods, charts of accounts, detail transactions, and various types of balances. It even recognises positive and negative variances and posted and unposted transactions.

Screen illustration:

Using one of many customisable report templates, you can quickly get started creating relevant financial reports—with little help from IT resources or other technical personnel.

Improve operational efficiency

Give your people the tools they need to do their jobs well and increase their productivity. Microsoft FRx makes everyone more productive and effective. It makes it easy to provide comprehensive, timely, and relevant financial reports with up-to-the minute information on a scheduled basis or in an instant. Business insight helps consumers both inside and outside of your organisation answer their own questions about data by drilling down all the way to the transaction detail level, perform necessary analysis, and make better, more informed decisions.

Streamline the flow of information

With Microsoft FRx, the delivery method of your financial reports can be as versatile and customised as the information that they contain. Without having to connect to your general ledger, you can choose from a variety of traditional or graphical output options, including Excel, FRx DrillDown Viewer, online analytical processing (OLAP), or extensible business reporting language (XBRL) instance documents. Then post your reports to a secure Intranet site or e-mail them to be accessed immediately by onsite and offsite users alike, saving time and money in the process.

Using the FRx DrillDown Viewer, reports can be delivered via email and users can access their financial reports without a connection to the general ledger.

Get the right information to the right people

Imagine never having to answer the question "Where did this number come from?" again. With Microsoft FRx, your people are empowered to do their own investigation by drilling down to transaction detail-level information from a single summary report. You can generate a single, comprehensive report, and easily send it to all report reviewers. Because security rights are predefined at the Reporting Tree level, each recipient can access only the information that is appropriate to their viewing rights.

FRx DrillDown Viewer provides flexible reporting with the ability to drill down to transaction level details while maintaining the security you need over the data.

Discover trends in your business

With Microsoft FRx, you always know where your organisation stands financially. You can make important, proactive decisions to address your economic highs and lows, without having to wait until the books are closed. Financials reports of all types can be accessed from the Report Catalog, updated with the relevant reporting date, generated using a variety of traditional or graphical output options, and then distributed to decision makers through a secure Intranet site or through e-mail to facilitate the timely analysis that today's turbulent market demands.

Optimise your general ledger system

Because Microsoft FRx can be integrated with many of the leading general ledgers on the market, you can leverage the investment you've already made in your general ledger, and add on increased functionality as your needs become more sophisticated. In fact, Microsoft Forecaster, a dedicated budgeting and planning application, is also available to you. Depending upon the general ledger that you use, Microsoft Forecaster can work with or without Microsoft FRx to take your company to the next level in financial effectiveness.

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