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Advanced Paypoint Solutions...

An electronic point of sale (EPoS) system designed specifically for businesses operating in a retail or trade environment, handling both customer present and customer non-present transactions

Paypoint plays an active part in increasing customer satisfaction by performing quick, accurate and secure transactions.

The software is easy to use and quickly configurable to suit the way your business works.

When integrated directly with your back-office software, you immediately reduce duplication of data entry, which in turn reduces data input errors. You can also see up to the minute, accurate stock and sales figures.

 Point of Sale can help you:

  • Improve customer service: Process sales in a way that provides flexibility to your customers while speeding up the whole process, keeping queues to a minimum.
  • Secure your business: Where there's a till there's potential for incorrect transactions to take place, whether accidentally or fraudulently. Unique sign-ons, electronic auditing and chip and PIN compatibility help counter this.
  • Decision-making made easy: Integration with your financial software allows the transfer of key information between the two pieces of software ensuring that you have all the key information to hand.

    And because this reduces duplication of data entry and data input errors you can be sure that the information is accurate
  • Software that suits you: The software has a configurable display and is quickly customised to suit your industry sector and reflect the unique processes of your business

Key features include...

Back Office integration

Enabling the transfer of key information between your accounting system and your point of sale software, updating the sales ledger, stock file and cash book where appropriate and uncluding the following details:

  • product information : stock codes, descriptions, tax codes, categories
  • stock levels
  • customer details: name, address, turnover levels, credit limits, credit hold
  • pricing: base pricing, discounts/price lists
  • exchange rates
  • VAT rates

This ensures:

  • Accurate stock control
  • Monitoring of product movement
  • Customer transaction history
  • Up to date cash book
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Avoids duplication of data entry
  • Robust security / user control
  • Powerful reporting capability
  • Avoids a separate stock system
  • Fully integrated end to end retail solution from procurement to sale

More information about the features of our accounting software can be found in the Sage 50 Accounts area of our website.


All transaction details are available to the reporting tools within the accounts products. Furthermore, each till can produce end of day/end of session reports – a summary of takings, category sales, time analysis, operator activity, discounts and promotions applied.

This allows you to extract precise and detailed management information from your accounts system, helping with end-of-day reconciliation and detailed analysis of the day’s activities.

EFT integration

Allows credit/debit card payments to be processed via integration with major card clearing systems. This ensures fast and secure processing of customer card payments.

Multiple tender per transaction

A mix of payment methods can be used to settle a transaction which offers flexibilty to your customers.

Multiple currencies per transaction
A mix of cuurencies can be used to settle a transaction offering flexibility to your customers.

Configurable display

The till operator screen can be tailored to include the functions required by your business, this reduces operator training and minimises operator error. For example, voids and corrections could be red; category and product buttons can be grouped and arranged for maximum efficiency.

Quick customisation by sector

The standard software can be easily tailored to reflect the characteristics of a multitude of specific retail types, ensuring that the till operation mirrors your business process. For example, a till at a visitor attraction can prompt for and record Gift Aid donation details.

Trade counter capability

Utilising Sales Ledger accounts and pricing matrices from your accounts system the software can apply customer-specific pricing for different types of customer such as trade or general public. This allows you to process all payment transactions on one till.

Continuous trading

Providing auto-recovery in the event of a power failure or other outage, this feature minimises business interruption.

Promotional support

Allows for the application of discounts at product/ transaction level and supports promotions and multi-buys, providing flexibility and reducing operator intervention by automating the process.

Product Find

There are various methods of locating a product within the product file. Searches are available via category or group, partial code, partial description and key words. This ensures that customers are served quickly and your stock file more accurate.

Unique operator sign-on

Each operator can be allocated a unique ID and access levels allowing them to operate within your pre-defined parameters. Key activities such as refunds and no sales can be allocated to senior staff. This also allows tracking and reporting by operator

Electronic auditing

All customer transactions are recorded electronically, removing the requirement for paper journal rolls and providing you with a paperless history and audit of transactions. This helps you investigate individual activities such as no-sale transactions and discounts.

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